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  • 7-7/8" x 29-1/2" Zirconia Sanding Belts

    This is an excellent alternative to Aluminum Oxide in
    a medium grit range. Faster cutting and longer life are
    the benefits to using this Zirconia and Aluminum
    Oxide blend. Used on wood flooring, hardwoods,
    aluminum and mild steel applications.
  • 7-7/8" x 29-1/2" Premium Zirconia Sanding Belts

    Premium 100% blue Alumina Zirconia grain for operations
    where a high stock removal is required. Although it is
    engineered for use on stainless steel, you will appreciate
    its strong backing, tough grain and long life on other metals,
    rubber and leather.
  • 7-7/8" x 29-1/2" Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts

    Suitable for grinding and sanding on wood flooring, glass,
    plastics, stone, ceramic and non-ferrous metals like brass
    and bronze. Silicon carbide is one of the sharpest and hardest
    abrasives and is coated on a heavy polyester cloth backing
    to provide for a waterproof, tear-resistant sanding belt.
  • 7-7/8" x 29-1/2" Ceramic Sanding Belts

    Heavy X-weight cotton/polyester fabric blend in a closed coat.
    Great to use if you are looking for optimized belt life with a self
    sharpening effect. Also perfect for very heavy duty applications.
    Primarily used for hardwoods in New flooring/old floor refinishing