> Floor Sanding
Sanding Floors: Abrasive Resource carries high quality Starcke Abrasive floor sanding abrasives from Germany. Our floor sanding supplies are used by professional floor installers and refinishers, as well as rental stores and DIY home improvement customers all over the globe. We offer low minimum orders and can drop ship right to your job site for fast delivery.

Drum Sander: Pre-Cut sanding sheets and Abrasive Rolls in the most common sizes and grits are available for most drum sanders. We also slit custom rolls for some of our floor sanding customers, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please give us a call at 800-814-7358.

Orbital Floor Sander: We supply paper, cloth, and film sanding discs with a plain, adhesive or hook and loop backing for orbital floor sanders. Our inventory also includes Buff and Blend Discs and Silicon Carbide Sanding Screens for rotary floor machines.

Floor Belt Sander: Sanding Belts are our specialty! Choose from traditional Silicon Carbide, economy Aluminum Oxide, long-lasting Zirconia, or the Premium Ceramic floor sanding belts. And if you don't see the size or grit you require, we'll be happy to make them up for you.

Edge Floor Sander: Sanding discs for edge floor sanders are available in 5", 6", 7" and 8" in Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, or long-lasting cloth Zirconia. Edge floor sanders are used to create a perfectly flat finish along the edges of the room when floor sanding.
  • Gold Paper Backed Hook and Loop Sanding Discs

    Standard "C" weight paper discs made from aluminum oxide
    with a non-loading stearate. Disc grips to the appropriate
    backup pad attached to an orbital or DA disc sander. Ideal
    for finish sanding on woods, paints, metal, plastic, cultured
    marble and solid surface.
  • Sanding Belts

    Choose belts that are made from Aluminum Oxide,
    Zirconia, Silicon Carbide or Ceramic. Many sizes
    and grits available.
  • Abrasive Rolls

    Choose from paper rolls made from heavy duty Silicon Carbide
    or Aluminum Oxide open coat material. Aluminum Oxide rolls
    have a Heavy D weight pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
    Both types of rolls can be cut into strips for manual sanding
    tools or attached to a vibrating sander.
  • Buff-n-Blend Scuff Discs

    These non woven discs are available in two different
    grit selections and do not have an added looped fabric
    for attaching to a back up pad, as these discs are
    primarily used with floor sanding polishers that do not
    use a hook and loop back up pad.
  • Black Paper Backed Heavy Duty Hook and Loop Sanding Discs

    Heavy "E" weight Silicon Carbide paper discs are used for dry
    sanding. Disc grips to the appropriate back up pad attached to
    an orbital or DA disc sander or angle grinder. These black discs
    are used for sanding on natural stone, plastic, fiberglass and
  • Black Silicon Carbide Paper Heavy Duty Plain
    Sanding Discs

    Heavy duty plain backed paper sanding discs. These discs bolt
    on to appropriate back up pad attached to an orbital or DA
    disc sander.
  • Zirconia Heavy Duty Cloth Sanding Discs

    Heavy duty Zirconia cloth sanding discs. Used on an orbital
    or DA disc sander. These discs are used for sanding wood
  • Silicon Carbide Sanding Screens

    Sanding screens are primarily used with a non woven scuff
    pad on a rotary or automatic floor machine. Their open mesh
    "screen" construction is designed to prevent loading. The
    discs can be used wet or dry, they can be rinsed and reused
    and they are two-sided so can be reversed for longer life.
    Silicon Carbide screens are used on wood, concrete,
    erethane, marble & stone.