> Specialty Abrasives
Reach into tight areas with specialty abrasives including cloth bands, flap wheels and Strip & Clean discs. Used primarily for metal applications. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping with online purchase. Low minimums and quantity discounts.
  • Strip & Clean Discs

    Choose from a 2" or 3" abrasive disc with a Type 3/Type R
    style roll-on attachment or a 4" disc with a 1/4" arbor hole
    for a 1/4" mandrel to be attached. These strip and clean discs
    are perfect for the removal of paint, glue and other adhesives,
    cleaning weld lines and splatter, removing scale and oxidation
    and surface prep for auto body.
  • Cloth Bands & Rubber Expander Drums

    Manufactured with silicon carbide cloth. Use with
    a standard 1/4" die grinder. Great for reaching hard to grind
  • Flap Wheels

    General purpose Aluminum Oxide, resin bond cloth flaps
    bonded to a center hub with a metal shank attachment.
    Use with a 1/4" die grinder or drill. Applications include
    finishing contour surfaces, cleaning, deburring and blending
    in metal fabrication.