> Metal Fabrication
Sanding Metal: Abrasives for metalworking are used for surface conditioning, removing rust, grinding, smoothing down welds, burrs, and imperfections, or to provide a specific finish —be it a high gloss on brass or a #4 finish on stainless steel.

Sanding Steel: Metal fabrication, heavy equipment companies, elevator manufacturing and the HVAC industry all order sanding supplies through Abrasive Resource.

Sanding Stainless Steel: Some of our existing customers fabricate medical carts and equipment, sharpen surgical tools, and build food grade kitchen equipment from stainless steel with our abrasive products.

Sanding Aluminum: Manufacturers of windows and doors, bike frames, tool companies and the aviation industry all depend on Abrasive Resource to provide their abrasive products in production. In addition, we supply sanding discs for aluminum wheel refinishing and polishing.
  • Fileboard Sheets

    Stearated strips with a no-fill topcoat. These longboard
    sheets are available with a hook and loop, adhesive
    or plain backing.
  • Sandpaper

    Flexible, economical paper sanding sheets made with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.
  • Shop Rolls

    Easy tear off, cotton "J' weight , cloth rolls made with
    Aluminum Oxide grain. Self cut strips for hand sanding.
    Used for cleaning, deburring and polishing a wide variety
    of materials.
  • Non Woven Abrasives

    These products are made from a synthetic non-woven mesh that is impregnated with abrasive grain. Used for blending, polishing and decorative finishes. Comparable to 3M's Scotchbrite® and Norton's Bear-tex®.