> Woodworking
Sanding Wood: Abrasive Resource supplies woodworking abrasives for planing and rough sanding on wood, shaping and smoothing on both hardwood and softwood applications and finish sanding to show off the beauty of the wood grain.

Sanding Cabinets: Our abrasives are sourced by cabinetmakers in both residential and architectural casework markets. They order sanding belts, sanding discs, and sandpaper for wood from Abrasive Resource, all made with high quality German abrasive material that has been approved in both high production kitchen environments as well as one person wood shops.

Sanding Furniture: We are proud to include furniture makers from legacy North Carolina furniture plants as well as contemporary furniture designers in California as our customers. They appreciate the long life and beautiful finishes they experience when using sanding supplies from Abrasive Resource.

Sanding for Construction: Millwork sanders and carpenters in the field both depend on our quick shipping and low minimum order requirements. We drop ship abrasive products to both new construction and remodeling job sites every day for our builders.
  • Sandpaper

    Flexible, economical paper sanding sheets made with
    aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.
  • Drum Sander Cloth Rolls

    Aluminum Oxide open coat cloth in 50 yard rolls. Cut into strips for manual sanding tools or attached to a vibrating sander. You can also wrap them on a drum sander. Used in a wide variety of wood applications.
  • Non Woven Abrasives

    These products are made from a synthetic non-woven mesh
    that is impregnated with abrasive grain. Used for blending,
    polishing and decorative finishes. Comparable to 3M's
    Scotchbrite® and Norton's Bear-tex®.