> Non Woven Abrasives
These abrasive finishing products are made from a synthetic non-woven mesh that is impregnated with abrasive grain.
Non-woven abrasives are typically used for blending, polishing and decorative finishes.
Comparable to 3M's Scotchbrite® and Norton's Bear-tex®. Custom abrasive products available. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping with online purchase. Low minimums and quantity discounts.
  • Non Woven Hand Pads

    6" x 9" flexible non woven hand pads, impregnated with
    abrasive grain. Use hand held, attached to rigid pad holder,
    or on high speed vibrating sanders. Pre-prep and final prep
    of metal, wood or plastic surfaces.

    AO very fine is for general finishing in the 220-320 grit
    range (maroon), SC ultra fine is for between coat
    sanding in the 600-800 range (gray) and the white is a
    non-abrasive polishing pad.
  • Surface Conditioning Scuff Discs

    The 5", 6" and 11" non woven discs are available in four
    different grit selections and have a high strength looped
    fabric is glued to the back of the buff and blend discs.
    This allows for a firm grip to the hook and loop back up
    pad that you have attached to an orbital or DA sander.
    Ideal for finishing, blending and polishing on metals
    and solid surface.

    The 16" non woven discs are available in two different
    grit selections and do not have an added looped fabric
    for attaching to a back up pad, as these discs are
    primarily used with floor sanding polishers that do not
    use a hook and loop back up pad.
  • Surface Conditioning Quick Change Discs

    Non woven, compressible nylon fibers impregnated with
    aluminum oxide grain with Type 3 roll-on attachment.
    Used for blending, cleaning, deburring and finishing of
    metal surfaces. Flexible for use on contour surfaces.
    Type 3 replaces 3M Roloc and has a male attachment.
    Coarse is brown color, Medium is maroon color and
    Very Fine is blue color. Type 2 Quick Change discs
    to replace Standard Socatt or Norton's Speed-Lok
    can be special ordered.